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Often, we think of waiting as the absence of action. But waiting is something we must do, sometimes with all our might. Waiting can be a feat of devotion and courage, whether the wait is short or long.

During Advent, Christ’s earthly family dwells in a place of expectancy. We wait to celebrate the Nativity with joy. We also reflect on our continual calling as Jesus followers to wait for His Second Coming with steadfast faith.

Starting on the first Sunday of Advent (November 27), this online Advent calendar will be updated each day through Christmas with a word from an EMM missionary or a verse from Scripture, along with a stunning international photo from our workers. The quotes and pictures are meant to help you wait well as you ponder and pray during the Advent season. In this season, may you come closer to Jesus in the practice of awaiting Him.

May God fill you with hope, love, joy, and peace in this Advent season!


The EMM staff

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